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About this Journal

Aims and Scope

Language and Psychoanalysis is a fully peer reviewed online journal that publishes twice a year. It is the only interdisciplinary journal with a strong focus on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of language and psychoanalysis. The journal is also inclusive and not narrowly confined to the Freudian psychoanalytic theory.

We welcome a wide range of original contributions that further the understanding of the interaction between Linguistic Analysis and Theory & Psychoanalytic Theories and Techniques. Any relevant manuscripts with an emphasis on language and psychoanalysis will be considered, including papers on methodology, theory, philosophy, child development, psychopathology, psychotherapy, embodied cognition, cognitive science, applied dynamical system theory, consciousness studies, cross-cultural research, and case studies. The journal also publishes short research reports, book reviews, interviews, obituaries, and readers' comments.


Abstracting and Indexing:

Language and Psychoanalysis is registered with CrossRef and all our articles have a DOI-number. Lancaster University Library and the British Library provide the main permanent depositories.



Laura A. Cariola, MA (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Andrew Wilson, PhD (Lancaster University, UK)


Editorial advisory board:

Prof. Michael Buchholz (International Psychoanalytic University Berlin, Germany)

Prof. Adrienne Harris (New York University, USA)

Prof. Dianne Hunter (Trinity College, USA)

Prof. Horst K├Ąchele (International Psychoanalytic University Berlin, Germany)

Prof. Henry (Zvi) Lothane (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA)

Prof. Fionn Murtagh (De Monfort University, Leicester, UK)

Prof. Ian Parker (Discourse Unit, UK)

Prof. Riccardo Steiner (British Psychoanalytic Society, UK)

Prof. Carlo Strenger (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Prof. Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University, UK)


Editorial contact address:

Laura A. Cariola
School of Health in Social Sciences

Old Medical School

Teviot Place

EDinburgh EH8 9AG

United Kingdom


Dr. Andrew Wilson
Department of Linguistics and English Language
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YT
United Kingdom