Language and Psychoanalysis

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Online Contents

Volume 4, Issue 2 – Autumn/Winter 2015          Full journal: .pdf

Michael B. Buchholz & Marie-Luise Alder          Full text: .pdf

Communicative Violence in Psychotherapy               



Fernanda Carrá-Salsberg          Full text: .pdf                              

Aggression And The Telos Of Learning: A Psychoanalytic Study Of Significant Host-Foreign Language Acquisition



Robert Beshara          Full text: .pdf

A Holistic Approach to Regulating Negative Emotions         



Andrew M. Geeves          Full text: .pdf

Book Review. The Examined Live by Steven Grosz    



Michal Ephratt          Full text: .pdf

Book review. Cleft Tongue by Dana Amir



Christopher R. Bell          Full text: .pdf

Interview with Antoine Mooij   



Volume 4, Issue 1 – Spring/Summer 2015          Full journal: .pdf

Michal Ephratt

The Iconic Order of the Autistic Communication-Speech Disorders          Full text: .pdf


Fernanda Carrá-Salsberg

Impressions and Transformations: A Psychoanalytic Study of the Effects of Early Linguistic Disruptions, Emotional Trauma, and of Testimony through the Study of Oscar Hijuelos’ Thoughts without Cigarettes          Full text: .pdf


Eszter Berán & Zsolt Unoka

Reconstructing Agency by Shifting Perspective in Trauma Narrative          Full text: .pdf


David Hafner

Ambiguity, Equivocation, Unconscious          Full text: .pdf


Fernanda Carrá-Salsberg

Book review. Retelling the Stories of our Lives: Everyday Narrative Therapy to Draw Inspiration and Transform Experience          Full text: .pdf


Lubie Grujicic-Alatriste

Book review. The Myths of Mars and Venus: Do Men and Women Really Speak Different Languages?           Full text: .pdf         


Volume 3, Issue 2 – Autumn/Winter 2014          Full journal: .pdf

Paul Cammell

Temporality 1: Heidegger’s analysis of time and its relation to psychoanalytic theory          Full text: .pdf


Paul Cammell

Temporality 2: The relevance of the Heideggerian concept of time to the treatment of borderline conditions          Full text: .pdf


Fionn Murtagh

Mathematical Representations of Matte Blanco’s Bi-Logic, based on Metric Space and Ultrametric or Hierarchical Topology: Towards Practical Application          Full text: .pdf


Maren Scheurer

Book review. Guises of desire by Hilda Reilly          Full text: .pdf


Shiva Srinvasan

Book review. Culture/Clinic 1, “We are all mad here”: Applied Lacanian Psychoanalysis Series by Jacques-Alain Miller & Maire Jaanus           Full text: .pdf


Volume 3, Issue 1 – Spring/Summer 2014          Full journal: .pdf

Marianna Bologensi & Roberto Bichisecchi

Metaphors in Dreams: Where Cognitive Linguistics meets Psychoanalysis          Full text: .pdf


Scott Welsh

Fixation and Needle Fixation           Full text: .pdf


Chris Bell

The Lacanian Subject: Subject of Desire or the Subject of Drive          Full text: .pdf


Zachary Tavlin

Book review. The Talking Cure: Wittgenstein on Language as Bewitchment & Clarity by John M. Heaton           Full text: .pdf


Shiva Srinvasan

Book review. Culture/Clinic 1, “We are all mad here”: Applied Lacanian Psychoanalysis Series by Jacques-Alain Miller & Maire Jaanus           Full text: .pdf


Volume 2, Issue 2 – Autumn/Winter 2013          Full journal: .pdf

Michael B. Buchholz & Horst Kächele

Conversation Analysis – A Powerful Tool for Psychoanalytic Practice and Psychotherapy Research          Full text: .pdf


Jean-Marc Dewaele & Beverley Costa

Multilingual Clients’ Experience of Psychotherapy          Full text: .pdf


Khafiz Kerimov

Transience and Lack of Being          Full text: .pdf


Zachary Tavlin

Signifying Truth: Augustine, Lacan, and a Theory of Language          Full text: .pdf


Giuseppe Iurato

Σύμβολου: An Attempt toward the early Origins, Part 1          Full text: .pdf


Giuseppe Iurato

Σύμβολου: An Attempt toward the early Origins, Part 2          Full text: .pdf


Volume 2, Issue 1 – Spring/Summer 2013          Full journal: .pdf

Peter Schneider

Language Usage and Social Action in the Psychoanalytic Encounter: Discourse Analysis of a Therapy Session Fragment          Full text: .pdf   


Lubie Grujicic-Alatriste

Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism: Using Holland’s DEFT Model as a Reader Response Tool in the Language Classroom          Full text: .pdf


Michael B. Buchholz

Book review –The Handbook of Conversation Analysis” and “Emotion in Interaction”          Full text: .pdf


Volume 1 – Autumn/Winter 2012          Full journal: .pdf

Laura Cariola and Andrew Wilson

Introduction          Full text: .pdf


Manuel Batsch

Hallucinatory and Verbal Modes of Thinking          Full text: .pdf


Beverley Costa and Jean-Marc Dewaele

Psychotherapy across Languages: beliefs, attitudes and practices of monolingual and multilingual therapists with their multilingual patients          Full text: .pdf


Johanna Tiemann

An Exploration of Language-Based Multiplicity in Fluent Bilinguals          Full text: .pdf


Andrea Mura

The Symbolic Function of Transmodernity          Full text: .pdf


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