Review of Understanding Consciousness by Max Velmans

  • Robert Beshara Northern New Mexico College, Española


Understanding Consciousness can almost be said to have a plot/narrative, or a dramatic structure similar to the ‘three-act structure’ model used by numerous screenwriters. In Part I—the Setup—Velmans surveys “mind-body theories and their problems”, in part II—the Confrontation—he reconstructs “a new analysis: how to marry science with experience”, and in part III—the Resolution—he shares with us “a new synthesis: reflexive monism” (v-vi). Velmans starts off in the first chapter with perhaps one of the most basic, nevertheless hard, questions in the field of consciousness studies: “what is consciousness?”

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Beshara, R. (2021). Review of Understanding Consciousness by Max Velmans. Language and Psychoanalysis, 10(2), 63-67.
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