Psychoanalysis, Clinic and Context: Subjectivity, History and Autobiography

  • Robert K. Beshara Northern New Mexico College, Española, NM


Structure was a key signifier, and a logical quilting point, informing Jacques Lacan’s return to Freud, which amounted to his reinvention of the unconscious as structured like a language. Lacan read, and reinvigorated, Sigmund Freud’s classic texts primarily through the lenses of Ferdinand de Saussure’s structural linguistics and Claude Lévi-Strauss’s structural anthropology—not mentioning Hegelianism (via Kojève), surrealism, and mathematics as other equally important lenses. The structure of subjectivity was the central question for both Freud and Lacan. While the former understood psychic structure in terms of topography, the latter explicated it through topology. What then of the structure of Ian Parker’s recently published book?

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Beshara, R. (2019). Psychoanalysis, Clinic and Context: Subjectivity, History and Autobiography. Language and Psychoanalysis, 8(2), 80-84.
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