La Psychanalyse, Otage de ses Organisations?

Du Contre-Transfert au Désir D’Analyste

  • David F. Allen Psychoanalyst, Private Practice


This well written research by Robert Samacher has several important functions: It shows how and why so many well-meaning post-Freudians strayed away from Freud and fell for simplification. This turning away from Freud (ego-psychology) explains Lacan’s return to Freud. La Psychanalyse, Otage de ses Organisations?: Du Contre-Transfert au Désir D’Analyste is organized as follows: Part 1—The transmission of psychoanalysis in analytic institutions from Freud to today—includes four chapters. Chapter 1 is entitled The Birth of the Freudian Movement. Chapter 2 is called Psychoanalytic organizations and institutions in France after 1945 and it includes a detailed study of the École Freudienne founded by Solange Faladé. Chapter 3 focuses on Training analysis and the Pass, and Chapter 4 Cartels deals with the problem of identification in institutions, the question of the Plus ONE and Solange Faladé’s place in the wake of Lacan.

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