Language Disorders in Children and Adolescents

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Language impairment is potentially a life-long disability that is related to increased risk for significant academic, social, emotional and behavioural problems. Its manifestation in children and adolescents as language-learning disability is considered to be a lifespan issue. “Language Disorders in Children and Adolescents” sheds light on this complex issue by concisely presenting evidence-based practice and a brief introduction to advances in psychotherapy. The conciseness accentuates the user-friendliness of the content along with easy to follow guidance relating to most common language disorders. Despite the centrality of analytical theory-based discussion, practical treatments and clinical practices draw on a “theory to practice” approach to language disorders. In fact, language disorders and language impairments appear mostly in childhood, and the comprehensive description of the symptoms and their treatments, which are presented in this book, can clarify this issue significantly.

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